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Embroidery FAQ

Q1: How can I send an art image or design?

Esesaarts can accept just about everything from a computer generated image, to a scanned image. All we really need is a relatively clear image with the colour separations. If we are not sure we understand what the image is we will call or provide an art proof for you to verify the image with us.

Q2: What computer generated image formats can you read?

We can read all of the following formats: jpg, bmp, ai(illustrated), pdf, eps, tif, gif, pcx, cdr, cpt, wmf, pct or pict. These are the most common formats, but if you have a format not listed here send it anyway we are pretty good at this. Our favorite is the jpg format. It is generic and can be saved/exported by just about every piece of software available.

Q3: How Will Our Output Format will be?

We provide the output in the format DST, DSB, EMB, CND etc. We ensure that our work will be of high quality since in our Esesaarts we have a team of highly professional Embroidery Digitizing Specialists, skilled embroidery technicians who dedicatedly work for the satisfaction of our customers through quality performance, timely delivery at competitive prices.

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